MealViewer Digital Signage

Easily share your menus with
parents and students

Transform the way you communicate school meals to parents and students. From digital signage in the cafeteria to desktop and mobile-friendly menus, MealViewer helps drive participation, engage students, and make your program shine!

MealViewer Digital Suite Awareness

Increase awareness & participation

With Digital Suite, students are able to see what's for lunch every day online or on the app.

MealViewer Digital Suite Student Health

Promote student health

With the MealViewer app, students are able to see detailed nutritional information, enabling them to make healthy eating choices.

MealViewer Digital Suite Student Feedback

Gather valuable student feedback

With MealViewer Item Ratings, students are able to give you valuable feedback that you can analyze with MealViewer Analytics.

MealViewer Digital Suite Sync Integration

Seamless Heartland menu integration

Automatically sync menus from your Heartland Menu Planning software with MealViewer to easily share your menus.

Share your menus instantly

  • MV Sync makes it easy to share planned menus from your Heartland Menu Planning program
  • Access through the website or mobile app
  • Customizable
MealViewer Share School Menus App
MealViewer Nutritional Info App

Help parents & students make
informed decisions

  • Show allergy and nutrition info
  • Nutrition calculator
  • Favorite meal choices

Gain valuable feedback about
your menu offerings

  • Students can rate items
  • Students can favorite items
MealViewer Dashboard
MealViewer Customer Service

Here to help you and your program look great

  • Success coordinator helps you each step of the way
  • Marketing Central
  • Free marketing materials - flyers, posters, handouts

Cafeteria Survey Templates

Cafeteria Survey Templates

Get the feedback you need with ready-to-use cafeteria survey templates.


School Menu Templates

School Menu Templates

Easy-to-use menus that look as good as your meals do!

Get the most from MealViewer

Digital Signage

Keep students informed and engaged while they wait in the lunch line with MealViewer Digital Signage.

Menu Planning

Plan out all of your menus and recipes in any of our Menu Planning solutions.

MV Sync

Automatically sync menus from your Heartland Menu Planning software with MealViewer to easily share your menus.

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MealViewer can help your district?