MealViewer Digital Signage

Easily share your menus with
parents and students

Transform the way you communicate school meals to parents and students. From digital signage in the cafeteria to desktop and mobile-friendly menus, MealViewer helps drive participation, engage students, and make your program shine!

MealViewer Student Feedback

Gather feedback & boost engagement

Students have the option to rate food items, giving you the information you need to create healthy, popular meals you know they'll love.

MealViewer Student Health

Make student health a priority

With our built-in Nutrition Calculator, students and parents can view nutrient information for every meal to help them take control of their dietary health.

MealViewer Informed Families

Keep parents & families informed

Menus can be viewed on a desktop, mobile app, and even an Apple Watch, so you can reach families anytime, anywhere.

MealViewer Reduced Wait Time

Decrease perceived wait time by 33%

Our signage is designed to captivate the attention of your students and keep them engaged while they're in line – making that time go by just a bit faster!

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Digital Suite

Finding out what's for lunch has never been easier! Quickly view menus and nutritional info online and with the app.

  • Add allergen alerts to their profile
  • Rate & star their favorite meal items
  • Access menu information anytime, anywhere
MealViewer | Digital Suite
MealViewer | Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Let students know what's being served and share important information in an engaging way, right in the cafeteria.

  • Showcase breakfast, lunch, or any menu you have
  • Share important school news & highlights
  • Feature program initiatives like Farm to School

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