Meal payments online... not in line

Increase the speed of your serving lines, while reducing cash/check handling. MySchoolBucks seamlessly integrates with your cafeteria point of sale system to provide up-to-date balance and payment information.


Cafeteria Meal Payments | Increase Revenue

Increase revenue & participation

Extending the ability for parents to make credit/debit card and eCheck payments online helps drive more revenue and student participation.

Cafeteria Meal Payments | Easy Reconciliation

Easy reconciliation

Access key financial and user information from a number of robust reporting options for quick and easy reconciliation.

Cafeteria Meal Payments | Reduce Charges

Reduce cash handling & charges

More money on accounts from online payments means less cash transactions at your serving lines, and less meal charges to be collected later.

Cafeteria Meal Payments | POS Integration

Seamless POS integration

All meal payments made through the website and mobile app are sent directly to your Heartland POS system.

View cafeteria purchases

Parents can view all payments and cafeteria purchases from the past 90 days including item names, amounts and transaction dates for each student on their account.

Cafeteria Meal Purchase History
Cafeteria Mobile App Meal Payments

Make payments on-the-go

Download the MySchoolBucks mobile app for iPhone or Android and get convenient access to account balances, cafeteria purchases, and make payments right from your smartphone.

Set it & forget it

Parents can automatically add funds to their student’s meal account when the balance falls below a specified amount or at a set frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc) for added convenience.

Cafeteria Automatic Meal Payments

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