Gain powerful insights to streamline inventory management

Our Ordering & Inventory solutions are built to help you simplify the process of ordering and tracking commodities, purchased foods, supplies, and more to maximize the efficiency of your inventory operations.

Cafeteria Management - Ordering & Inventory | Easy Management

Easy inventory management

Know what you have on-hand and what you need. Gain complete control with software that automatically syncs inventory changes, so your central office and sites always have accurate counts.

Cafeteria Management - Ordering & Inventory | Control Food Costs

Control food costs

With powerful reporting, you’ll have better insight into your inventory & production so you can work to reduce overall costs, waste, and overproduction.

Cafeteria Management - Ordering & Inventory | Streamlined Ordering

Streamlined ordering process

From the warehouse to the kitchen, you and your staff can access inventory information and order details from nearly any internet connected device.

Cafeteria Management - Ordering & Inventory | Cloud Access

Easier in the cloud

By integrating with our Menu Planning solutions, you can place orders for exactly what you need, based on existing inventories, menu plans, and generated forecasts.

Unlock the full power of ordering & inventory

Menu Planning

Build nutritious, satisfying meals that meet all your standards.

Point of Sale

Serve students, track sales, and quickly generate key reports.

MealViewer Digital Menus

Transform the way you communicate menus with parents and students.

Simplify the ordering & Inventory process at your district today