Manage all school fees & payments in one place

MySchoolBucks makes it easy to manage all school fees and purchases in one easy-to-use platform. Accept payments online and in-person for the convenience, flexibility, and security your staff and parents deserve.

Payment Solutions | Dedicated Support

Dedicated support

Staff and parents have access to dedicated email and phone support. Free parent marketing materials are available to help boost participation.

Payment Solutions | Financial Control

Total financial control

Quickly reconcile the thousands of payments received during a typical school year with access to numerous audit-friendly reports.

Payment Solutions | Convenience for Parents

Convenience for parents

Parents can make one-time or recurring school payments 24/7, view student balances, and track cafeteria purchases using the MySchoolBucks website or mobile app.

Payment Solutions | Industry-Leading Security

Industry-leading security

MySchoolBucks uses PCI and CISP security standards to ensure the privacy and protection of all your payment information.


Open an online store for easy checkout

MySchoolbucks makes it easy to add all your student fees and school items to a custom online storefront. Provide parents with an intuitive and secure online shopping experience that helps collect payments for anything.

Payment Solutions | School Store
Payment Solutions | Student Invoicing

Turn fees owed into fees paid

MySchoolBucks Student Invoicing makes it easy to assign fees for each student or easily upload a list of fees you need to collect. MySchoolBucks will automatically notify parents when payments are due and give them the option to pay the next time they log in.


Simplify program registration & payments

Manage all of your registrations and payments in one place, while giving families an easy and secure way to sign-up for any school program.

MSB Activities | Program Management
Ticketing & Event Management

Sell tickets & collect event payments

Create, promote, and track sales for all your school events in one easy-to-use solution. Perfect for sporting events, theater productions, proms/dances, fundraisers, and more!


Take payments anywhere, for anything

Take payments out of the office and into the classroom, gymnasium, auditorium, or anywhere you need to collect them. Transform any Apple iPad into an instant credit card terminal with our MySchoolBucks Anywhere app and card reader.

Payment Solutions | In-Person Payments
Payment Solutions | Cafeteria Meal Payments

Manage cafeteria payments

MySchoolBucks makes it easy for your district’s nutrition program to collect and manage meal payments. Parents can pay for school meals online or with our mobile app, view account balances, track their student’s cafeteria purchases, set-up low balance reminders, and automate payments.

Designed with you in mind

It takes more than a one-size-fits-all approach to make managing school payments easy. See how we set up each member of your staff for success:

Business Administrators & Finance

Streamline your school operations with simplified fee management for staff, while providing convenient payment options for parents.


Get the secure & flexible payments solution that can work with your existing systems and grow with your evolving business needs.

Before & Aftercare Professionals

Manage all aspects of your student programs and offer parents a simple, secure way to register and make payments.

Easy fee management & payment collection starts with MySchoolBucks