The smarter way to assign & collect student fees

Take the work out of assigning student fees and accept contactless payments this school year with Student Invoicing. Quickly add fees to student groups and automatically notify parents when they’re due.

Student Invoicing | Easy Payment Collection

Automated fee collection

Automatically assign fees to groups of students (e.g. school, course, grade level, activity) using data from your student information system or add them manually.

Student Invoicing | Custom Payment Plans

Customizable invoices

Adjust pricing for free/reduced students, waive fees, add late fees, and set up payment plans to control how parents can pay - you decide!


Safer, more secure payments

Paying securely online or with the mobile app means greater convenience for parents and less in-person payment drop-offs.

Student Invoicing | Streamlined Reconciliation

Streamlined reconciliation

Quickly track and manage fees in one place with reporting that shows you what’s been paid and what’s still due.

Connect your SIS to automate student fees



How student invoicing works

Quickly assign fees

Assign fees to individual students or groups of students (e.g. school, course, grade level, activity). Fees can be created manually, imported from a file or automatically assigned using student data from your student information system.

Assign Fees
Contactless Payments

Pay anywhere

Parents are automatically notified via email and through the app when a payment is due. They can quickly and easily pay online, with the app, or in-person.

Easy tracking & reconciliation

Track the status of every fee for every student to see who has paid and who still owes. Choose from multiple detailed and summary reports and export them to Excel for easy importing into other district systems.

Student Invoicing | Easy Tracking & Reconciliation

“Program efficiencies have increased since using MySchoolBucks because the reconciliation process is much simpler now that it’s on one platform.”

Dr. Analynn Jones, Director of Early Learning
Seminole County Public Schools

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