Collect apps the easy way

Don’t you just love manually processing meal applications? Yeah, we didn’t think so! That’s why we created MySchoolApps, to make online meal applications simple for you and parents.

Cafeteria Management - Online Apps | No More Incomplete Apps

No incomplete applications

MySchoolApps automatically validates that an application is complete before a parent can submit it. That means you don’t have to worry about gathering missing information!

Cafeteria Management - Online Apps | Integration with Heartland POS

Integrates with your Heartland POS

MySchoolApps seamlessly integrates with your Heartland Point of Sale software for faster and more accurate meal eligibility processing.

Cafeteria Management - Online Apps | Save Time & Resources

Save valuable time & resources

With online applications, your program can significantly reduce the number of paper applications that your staff has to manually process and file.

Cafeteria Management - Online Apps | Multiple Languages

Available in multiple languages

Our applications are available in multiple languages, so parents and guardians can easily toggle to their preferred language and complete their application with confidence.

Cafeteria Management - Online Apps

Easily & securely apply online

With step-by-step instructions, MySchoolApps makes it easy for parents to complete applications from nearly any internet connected device. All personal data is fully encrypted to keep application information secure and protected.

  • Available on all devices
  • Validates form information
  • 24/7 access
Cafeteria Management - Online Apps | For Parents
Cafeteria Management - Online Apps | For Directors

Process apps more efficiently

Say goodbye to hours of printing, mailing, and manually processing apps. And hello to streamlined app collection! With MySchoolApps, your program will have better control, management, and visibility to meal eligibility school-wide.

  • Import apps in real time
  • Customizable forms and fields
  • Free parent marketing materials

Simplify every process in your program

Free & Reduced

Easily manage meal applications to maximize reimbursement.

Point of Sale

Serve students, track sales, and quickly generate key reports.

Meal Payments

Parents can manage their student’s meal account and pay online or with the app.

Make app processing easy with MySchoolApps