MealViewer Sync

Easily share your planned menus

MV Sync makes it easy to automatically push your planned menus from your Heartland Menu Planning program directly into MealViewer. Communicating school menus with parents and students has never been simpler.



  • Enter all menu information in one place, no duplicate data entry
  • Easily add new sites or serving lines at anytime
  • Manage menus from anywhere and share with parents 24/7

How it works

MealViewer Display Groups

Create your MealViewer Display Groups

In your Heartland Menu Planning program, create a MealViewer Display Group for each of your sites and assign the appropriate menu items to each group. Display groups control which recipes and items are shown on a school's desktop and mobile menus and in each serving line.

Enable MV Sync

MealViewer support will enable MV Sync at your district to connect MealViewer with your Heartland Menu Planning program.

MealViewer Sync Screen
MealViewer Sync | Map Sites

Map your sites to MealViewer

Now that Mosaic and MealViewer are connected, you can map your sites! You’ll want to properly match up your sites in MealViewer to your sites in Mosaic.

Assign your MealViewer Display Groups

Lastly, assign your MealViewer Display Groups to the appropriate serving lines so you’re able to share the right menus on each school's MealViewer website, mobile app, and digital signs in the cafeteria.

MealViewer Sync | Assign Groups

Get the most from MealViewer

Digital Suite

Put your menus and critical nutritional information in your parent's and student's hands, no matter where they go.

Digital Signage

Keep students informed and engaged while they wait in the lunch line with MealViewer Digital Signage.

Menu Planning

Plan out all of your menus and recipes in any of our Menu Planning solutions.

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