Put your menus on the big screen

Our cutting edge digital signage systems can help engage your students better than ever before. Keep them informed and engaged in the lunch line. With all the layout options available, you can keep them up to date not only on the menu, but the weather, sports, school announcements and more!

MealViewer Signage - Positive Perceptions

Positive perceptions of your program

Show students that your school lunch program is up to date with the latest trends and see their engagement improve!

MealViewer Signage - Wait Time

Decrease perceived wait time by up to 30%

Our signage is designed to captivate the attention of your students and keep them engaged while they're in line – making that time go by just a bit faster!

MealViewer Signage - Grab Attention

Grab students attention in the cafeteria

Adding digital signage to your cafeteria will make your cafeteria more vibrant and grab the attention of your students. It will keep them interested and keep them wanting to come back for more!

MealViewer Signage - Relevant Content

Display relevant, personalized information

Our customizable layouts allow you to display more than just menus. Engage your students by posting photos from last week's Homecoming dance, or keep students up to date on the latest sports with tweets from ESPN.

Sync menus

Automatically sync menus from your Heartland Menu Planning software with MealViewer to easily share your menus.Communicating school menus with families has never been easier.

MealViewer Signage - Import Sites
MealViewer Signage Customization


Make our signage your own with a variety of layouts! Add school logos, photos from school events or announcements...the options are endless!

Gain valuable feedback about your menu offerings

There is no confusion when it comes to making changes to your digital signage. We have made it as easy as possible for you to make changes to your existing layouts, so it takes a as little time as possible.

MealViewer Signage Setup

iGen is Here: Engaging the New Student Generation

With smartphones in the hands of 80% of teenagers, students today are more connected than ever. This constant connection means that teenagers always have someone competing for their attention.

So how can you meet the expectations of this tech-savvy generation, and grab their attention to help increase engagement in your nutrition program?

Get the most from MealViewer

Digital Suite

Put your menus and critical nutritional information in your parent's and student's hands, no matter where they go.

Menu Planning

Plan out all of your menus and recipes in any of our Menu Planning solutions.

MV Sync

Automatically sync menus from your Heartland Menu Planning software with MealViewer to easily share your menus.

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