Seamless & secure checkout right from your website

With MySchoolBucks Pay Express you can easily collect payment where parents visit most - your website! Users pay with the convenient, trusted and secure payment experience of MySchoolBucks.

Pay Express | Share Store Items

Share store items anywhere

Place payment buttons in your website, email or social post! Get your store items in front of parents, while offering a convenient way to collect payments.

Integrates with MySchoolBucks

Integrates with MySchoolBucks

Collect payments with a simple “copy and paste” of a button. Track sales and reconcile payments with comprehensive reports, all in MySchoolBucks.

Pay Express | Easy Checkout Experience

Easy checkout experience

Visitors can pay right away - there is no need to create an account! Existing MySchoolBucks users can log in to their account and check out with their existing payment info.

Simple & Secure

Simple & secure

All credit card information is protected with the highest standard for end-to-end encryption using Heartland Secure™.

How Pay Express works

Create button or link

Customize the look and feel of your Pay Express button and link it to one of your store products.

Pay Express | Create Button
Pay Express | Share Button

Share your button or link

Copy and paste the provided code to place the button on your website or use the link in emails or social posts.

Collect payments

Parents can click on your button or link to quickly checkout and pay securely through MySchoolBucks.

Pay Express | Collect Payments

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