MySchoolBucks has partnered with a number of organizations that share our same mission of making school payments easier for district administrators, parents, and students.

Our Partners


PowerSchool: Education Technology Platform

PowerSchool is the #1 leading education technology platform for K-12. They provide the industry’s first Unified Classroom experience with best -in-class, secure, and compliant online solutions, including registration and school choice, student information systems, learning management and classroom collaboration, assessment, analytics, and special education management.

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Edupoint: Powerful Student Data Management

Edupoint has been setting the standard in K-12 student information management for 30+ years. Their Synergy SIS offers the richest feature set in the industry to help you manage student data, improve accuracy, simplify and automate processes and increase productivity. Your data is entered once and available in real-time throughout Synergy Education Platform (Synergy EP®) to maximize connectedness and simplify management from registration through graduation.

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Edupoint Synergy SIS Partner

FamilyID: Simple Online Registration

FamilyID helps organizations manage and automate program registrations. Families enter their information once to register for a variety of programs such as athletic departments, summer camps or club sports. FamilyID offers convenient online registration, improved administrative efficiency, and seamless payments with an integration with MySchoolBucks.

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Even more integration partners...

K-12 student information system and financial / human resources solutions for school districts and municipalities.

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Follett Aspen SIS

A flexible SIS that grows with you, all in a centralized platform for hosting and managing student data

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Transfer student rosters, course data, and class information to MySchoolBucks from Student Information Systems (SIS) that are OneRoster 1.1 compliant.

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Follett Destiny

In your library, classroom, and district, the Follett Destiny suite of tools powers learning in more than 71,000 schools.

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Service management platform built for K‑12 school districts to track help tickets, assets and more.

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Leading provider of cloud-based operations management software to optimize facilities, event management and workflow.

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Cloud-based facilities use software for
K-12 that helps streamline the management of internal and
community requests.

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Web based Afterschool Data Management and Reporting Software

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Award-winning scheduling solution allows families to easily register and pay online for any school activities or events.

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Course management and student registration software for Continuing Education, Community Education, and more.

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Why Integrate with MySchoolBucks?

Industry Leading
Nearly 35,000 schools and over 2 million parents use MySchoolBucks for online and in-person school payments, and we’re growing every day.

Product Support
Our team of developers will work with you each step of the way to help build your MySchoolBucks integration.

Marketing Access
Our marketing team is here to help augment your staff to create content, get the word out, and grow shared customers.

Secure Payment Processing For Your Website Or Service

The MySchoolBucks Pay API makes it easy to accept credit card and checking account payments through your website or service. This toolkit also allows parents to use their existing billing information in MySchoolBucks for an even faster checkout experience.

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