Mosaic Back of the House

Manage your nutrition operation from anywhere

Mosaic Back of the House makes managing your nutrition program simpler than ever before. With its intuitive, straight-forward design, Mosaic is easy-to-learn and use. Best of all Mosaic is available in the cloud, giving you access to your program data from just about anywhere.

Cafeteria Management - Mosaic Back of House | Reduce food costs

Control food costs

Monitor waste, over-stocking, and shortages to reduce overall operational costs and get the information you need to improve your bottom line.

Cafeteria Management - Mosaic Back of House | Access data anywhere

Access your data anywhere

Update your menus, make inventory adjustments, and more from the office, at home, or on the go! With the cloud, you can access your program anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Cafeteria Management - Mosaic Back of House | Reduce waste

Reduce waste

Mosaic’s reporting tools make it easy to automate forecasting and reduce overproduction to cut down on waste across all your school sites.

Cafeteria Management - Mosaic Back of House | Compliance

Stay compliant

Ensure that you’re regulation ready with comprehensive reporting tools to give you improved insight and adhere to federal and state requirements.

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Build compliant menus with ease

With Mosaic Menu Planning & Production, you’ll have access to the tools and information you need to help you control expenses and experience new levels of program efficiency.

Hundreds of recipes, thousands of possibilities
With hundreds of recipes and over 11,000 ingredients, Mosaic makes it easy to create compliant menus for all school sites and age groups. Easily scale recipes and quickly find the ingredients you need to build your menus.

Plan, produce, succeed
Stay compliant, automate forecasting, and reduce over-production and waste. Reports are available in a variety of formats and provide the information you need to meet all state and federal guidelines.

Work faster & smarter
Advance search and filter functionality in Mosaic allows you to quickly locate the perfect ingredients by name, CN code, classification, and more! Mosaic’s web-based design also supports multiple browser tabs/windows. Adjust ingredients on one tab while you build your recipes on another.

Cafeteria Management - Mosaic Back of House | Menu Planning
Cafeteria Management - Mosaic Back of House | Inventory

Complete inventory management

Gain the insight you need to help control costs, manage inventory, and reduce waste. Order all goods and materials effortlessly, and simplify your inventory operations.

Track physical inventory
Keep an accurate record of the products available at your district to take the guesswork out of ordering. Import usage by menu plan to automatically adjust inventory levels.

Streamline all your orders
Create orders by menu plan and send to vendors, transfer products from one site to another, and check product availability all in one place. Easily track and manage product usage, purchases, ordering, and costs to improve your bottom line.

Take Mosaic Inventory on-the-go
Mosaic BOH Companion app for iOS and Android makes it easier to perform physical inventory and receive vendor orders using your mobile phone. Quickly scan product barcodes to locate and count your inventory using the phone camera or bluetooth scanner.

More features, less work


  • Share your recipes & discover new ones from other districts
  • Add photos, notes & attachments to recipes
  • Copy & scale recipes
  • Easily replace recipes in your menu plan
  • Update cost of multiple ingredients at one time
  • Generate student letters


  • Convert volume & weight measurements
  • Preloaded with latest CN database
  • Work in multiple browser tabs/windows
  • Schedule reports in advance
  • SmartSense integration


  • Create PO in vendor specific electronic file
  • Perform physical inventory with mobile app
  • Receive vendor orders with mobile app
  • Import price lists & products from file


  • Utilize your warehouse to manage inventory and orders
  • Order from warehouse or create hotshot transfers
  • Export reports to Word, PDF, Excel

Unlock the full power of Mosaic Back of the House

Digital Suite

Transform the way you communicate menus with parents and students.

Digital Signage

Engage students with your menus on display right in the cafeteria.

Mosaic Point of Sale

Serve students, track sales, and quickly generate key reports.

Get a first-hand look at how Mosaic can simplify your nutrition program