MCS Software

One complete solution for your entire program

When it comes to efficient cafeteria operations, MCS Software lightens your workload with a system that’s robust and easy to use. This complete school cafeteria software system ties everything in your operation together seamlessly.

Cafeteria Management - MCS | Cloud Access

Available in the Cloud

Whether you’re on a site visit or at the office, you’ll be able to access your point of sale or back of house program data from nearly any internet connected device.

Cafeteria Management - MCS | Robust Reporting

Robust reporting

With our built-in custom report designer, you’ll be able to generate the exact reports you need, right when you need them, and export them in a variety of file types.

Cafeteria Management - MCS | Intuitive Design

Intuitive & user-friendly

Each module is smartly designed to guide users through the software with ease, so you can work faster, have easier access to critical information, and reduce labor hours.

Cafeteria Management - MCS | Financial Management

Financial management

MCS administrative and financial reports provide you with the data you need to have complete financial insights for better decision making and program management.

Cafeteria Management - MCS | Custom Data Controls

Custom data controls

Have the felixibility to create custom fields for any piece of information you need to track. Simply define your picklist options to make it easy to organize and filter your data.

Cafeteria Management - MCS | Available in Spanish

Available in Spanish

From the Front of House to the Back of House, you can easily toggle the entire MCS software suite to Spanish for any of your bilingual staff members.


Point of Sale | Free & Reduced

Speed up your serving lines, keep your records accurate, and get the reports you need. MCS Front of House is your full-featured, highly flexible solution that makes it easy to manage student purchases and eligibility records.

Cafeteria Management - MCS | Point of Sale
Cafeteria Management - MCS | Back of House

Menu Planning & Inventory

From bid to tray, Edison Menus & Inventory completely integrates bid management, menu planning, inventory control, nutrient analysis, and dietary guidelines. It’s the back of the house solution that should be front of mind.

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