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A better serving experience starts with MCS

With our MCS Point of Sale system, your cashiers will be able to efficiently move students through the line and your managers will gain powerful financial insights into your program’s sales and participation.

Cafeteria Management - MCS POS | Easy Transactions

Quick & easy transactions

Process transactions even more quickly with our Fast Sale mode. Automatically add a reimbursable meal sale to each student’s account and deduct the funds with ease.

Cafeteria Management - MCS POS | Easy Setuo

Simple install & setup

Whether you need to install 6 serving lines or 60, with our simple setup wizard you’ll be able to configure your lines with just a click of a button.

Cafeteria Management - MCS POS | Meal Payments

Online meal payments

Payments made online through MySchoolBucks appear on your Point of Sale terminals within minutes, giving students access to funds fast.

Cafeteria Management - MCS POS | Financials

Robust financial reporting

View powerful financial reports on P&L, participation, and reimbursement claims. Use the built-in custom report designer to drill down for the information you need.

Cafeteria Management - MCS POS | Staff Training

Easily train staff

Training new cashiers or managers is a breeze. Create a test database within seconds so your staff can train in real-time without interrupting or effecting your live program data.

Cafeteria Management - MCS POS | Go Mobile

Go mobile

Take your Point of Sale with you. Serve students in the classroom, in the halls, or anywhere outside of the line from any internet-connected Windows tablet.

Manage student accounts

Easily manage student purchases and all your financials from the lunchroom to the central office. Build a customizable checklist of daily or weekly tasks each of your managers is responsible for completing and track their progress.

Cafeteria Management - MCS POS | Financials

Gain powerful financial insights

With our advanced reporting tools, like our built-in report designer and custom fields, you’ll experience complete control over your data. Get valuable information like participation by grade or most popular items sold so you’re able to make the right decisions for your program’s future.

Streamlined Free & Reduced Processing

MCS Franklin Free & Reduced is the perfect companion to Newton POS. Franklin accurately recognizes and processes handwritten applications with better than 90% accuracy. With key reports like Households with Different Benefits and Percent of Enrollment, managing student eligibilities is easier than ever.

Cafeteria Management - MCS POS | Free & Reduced

More features, less work


  • Update student balances
  • Manage student groups
  • Add allergens to students
  • Email parents for outstanding charges
  • Batch correct transactions
  • Create supervisor alerts for daily or weekly managerial tasks


  • Built-in scanning software
  • Match students in the same household to extend eligibility
  • Import directly certified students
  • Review and correct eligibilities
  • Email letters to parents
  • Integrate with MySchoolApps


  • Automatically add reimbursable meals with Fast Sale mode
  • Quickly search for students without an ID
  • Accept credit cards in the line
  • Easily void incorrect sale entries
  • Works offline
  • Vending available


  • Generate important transactional reports
  • Numerous reports on sales and revenue
  • Export reports in a variety of formats
  • Easily cross compare prior year databases
  • Built-in custom report writer

Unlock the full power of MCS

Online Applications

Allow parents to complete meal applications online with MySchoolApps.

Meal Payments

Parents can manage their student’s meal account and pay online or with the app.

MCS Edison Back of House

Comprehensive menu planning & inventory management.

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