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The simple solution to planning & production

MCS Edison completely integrates your menu planning, ordering, inventory, and bid management functions into one easy-to-use system that’s designed to give you complete control of all your program data.

Cafeteria Management - MCS Back of House | Unlimited Recipes

Unlimited recipes & menus

Create unlimited recipes and menus by user-defined school type, perform nutrient analysis by projected or prepared servings and print menus in a variety of formats.

Cafeteria Management - MCS Back of House | Minimize Costs

Minimize costs & waste

Track leftovers and choose to discard them, restock, or plan to use them another day. With better insight into your production, you can work to reduce food waste and inventory costs.

Cafeteria Management - MCS Back of House | Control Data

Control your data

Whether you want to track Delivery Routes or Driver Information, you can create custom fields for any data points you need to organize and filter by.

Cafeteria Management - MCS Back of House | Accurate Inventory

Accurate inventory

All your menu planning and inventory changes are automatically synchronized between the central office and your school sites for accurate inventory counts.

Cafeteria Management - MCS Back of House | Regulation Ready

Be regulation ready

MCS Edison adheres to all the latest state and federal guidelines regarding the nutrient analysis of your menus.

Cafeteria Management - MCS Back of House | Share Menus

Share menus with families

With our powerful MealViewer integration, you’ll be able to automatically push your menus from MCS Edison into MealViewer to share with students and parents.

Manage menus with ease

With ad-hoc menu planning, menus can be built directly on the menu template by dragging and dropping recipes to a selected day. Copy and paste individual days or multiple days onto the calendar to speed up the menu building process.

Cafeteria Management - MCS Back of House | Manage Menus
Cafeteria Management - MCS Back of House | Automated Ordering

Automate ordering process

Automatically order new items based on menu counts and inventory on-hand for greater accuracy and control.

Flexible physical inventory

Choose between performing a blind physical inventory at individual sites, or allow users to view counts based on perpetual inventory when entering in physical counts.

Cafeteria Management - MCS Back of House | Physical Inventory

More features, less work


  • Add menus and recipes
  • Perform nutrient analysis
  • Central kitchen functionality
  • Produce recipe items based on menu planning needs
  • Manage leftovers


  • Create, edit, or delete orders
  • Managers can review, approve, and fill orders
  • Automatic ordering based on inventory on hand
  • Bid management
  • Site to site transfers


  • Scan barcodes
  • Central warehouse functionality
  • Ability to enter partial-use units
  • Complete physical inventory
  • Review items needed based on menu planning needs


  • Numerous summary and detailed reports on inventory
  • Production record reports
  • Variety of nutrient analysis report options
  • Projected meal cost report
  • Export in multiple file formats

Unlock the full power of MCS

Online Applications

Allow parents to complete meal applications online with MySchoolApps.

Meal Payments

Parents can manage their student’s meal account and pay online or with the app.

MCS Newton Point of Sale

Manage student purchases and eligibility records with ease.

“We have been very pleased with MCS. The end of month inventory process is so simple and completed in half the time it used to take. Response time to questions/issues is the same day. The customer service is outstanding.”

Robyn Hughes, Director of Child Nutrition
Conroe Independent School District, TX

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