Customer Engagement.
Better customer relationships, better business.

Gift + Rewards + Analytics + Email Marketing + Customer Intelligence. Customers frequent and support businesses when they feel their patronage is appreciated, valued and rewarded.


Heartland’s Gift+Rewards program encourages repeat business and attracts new customers while helping you improve customer satisfaction and drive sales.

As gift cards are given for a variety of occasions, such as birthdays, holidays and more, your brand is being introduced to potential customers and serves as a reminder to existing ones. Best of all, you determine incentive levels and which customers you want to reward.


  • A reloadable, stored value solution.
  • A load-based spending card.
  • Proprietary point-of-purchase promotional materials for holidays, seasons and special occasions.
  • Card registration and account management customized to your own website.


  • Merchants can compete with national brands and expand brand exposure with one effortless solution.
  • Unlimited transactions, plus all program services for one low monthly fee.
  • Accessible reporting tool to track success anytime.

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"One of the things I like about [Heartland] Analytics with the email marketing is the ease of use. It really helps us understand and capture our business from every aspect."

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Analytics leverages payment processing data that enables you to quickly validate marketing and advertising effectiveness by comparing new versus returning customers. 

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan Management Review shows 67 percent of companies report gaining a competitive edge by using analytics.


  • Concise dashboard with metrics that are easy to understand and important to your business.
  • Breakdown of sales and visits by new versus returning customers.
  • Total visits, sales volume and average ticket metrics.


  • Increase in marketing effectiveness.
  • Reduce or eliminate wasteful promotions that don’t yield positive results.
  • Create a positive impact on sales.

Email Marketing

Get to the heart of your customers with Heartland’s email marketing solutions. Easily send emails to your customers and track the ROI of your promotional activities.


  • Campaign Creation – Create an email campaign to promote new items, special deals or events with easy-to-use, prepared templates.
  • Dashboard Sync – The Analytics dashboard easily and automatically sees how campaigns are performing.
  • Contact Importer – Create and manage mailing lists using a simple tool.
  • Sign-up Widget – Gather email addresses with a widget added to the merchant’s site.


  • Increase in sales from existing customers.
  • Increase in customer awareness of your brand.
  • Ability to test campaign effectiveness.
  • Ability to target the right communication to the right customers.

Customer Intelligence

Understand what your customers want and need by the way they interact with your business. From customer demographics to online review tracking, the Customer Intelligence tool provides advanced analytics and actionable insights to your business and the people who breathe life into it.


  • Advanced customer demographic information.
  • Postal code analysis of customers.
  • Side-by-side competitor data.
  • All social reviews together with the ability to reply in real-time.
  • Advanced response library of suggested social replies.


  • Use data to validate the impact of replying to social reviews or making pricing changes.
  • Get the most from your advertising and marketing dollars by knowing your customers and tracking results.

The How

Just exactly how these tools can help improve your business:

Test emails with or without coupons.


Imagine running an email campaign where some messages include a discount offer and some don't.


With our data, the merchant can validate which version drove sales or not when bringing back repeat customers.

Validate the length of direct mail campaigns.


How about knowing if those expensive postcards announcing a new store location are needed any longer?


A new store might already have a following of regular customers. Analytics can answer that data.


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