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Everything can’t be all green lights and open road all the time, but running your business should feel like it. Whether you need to accept multiple forms of payment on different devices take out a small business loan or take the frustration out of processing payroll, Heartland’s got the part you need.

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Whether it’s a spare part or a car wash, today’s customers expect to purchase whatever they want quickly and easily. With our rapid authorization times and fast funding, payments go from your customers’ pockets (or phones) to your bank in an instant.

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We recognize you have unique payroll needs. Whether you’re needing help with tax or HR compliance, keeping track of when employees clock in and out or adherence to minimum wage, your dedicated Heartland payroll specialist is there to support your individual needs.

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Point of Sale

Choose from a full stack of management platforms that allow you to capture, view, analyze and take action based on your needs to keep your business running like clockwork.

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Customer Engagement

Customers tend to frequent and support merchants when they feel their patronage is appreciated, valued and rewarded. Our customer engagement tools were created with small business owners like you in mind to help turn your customer base into loyal fans and brand advocates.

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Secure loan terms and rates with one of Heartland’s reputable lending partners in as little as 24-48 hours. Our quick and easy repayment options are designed to get your business where it needs to be to succeed.

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